I’ve been chipping away at this one, bit by bit, for a few weeks. Living with the official Naga model, my dog, was certainly a big help. He often strikes a majestic, epic pose on the porch, staring into his vast domain. This is a tribute to him, the quiet observer.

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Sorry, everyone. We aren’t going to premiere the episodes online tomorrow, or on TV on April 14 anymore. Now that I’ve seen this piece of fan art, we are scrapping everything and redoing Book 1 of Korra in this style. It should be ready to air in two years or so.

This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Though cold and snowy, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. THANK YOU, KAMINARAI!

Korra snowbending by ~Kaminarai

EDIT: Wow… Lighten up, guys! I was trying to convey in a playful way how much I like this art. Would you rather I wrote dry stuff like, “I am Bryan Konietzko, and I like this art”? Maybe I should mirror this blog with a really dry version. Anyway, some of you are missing the important point: THIS ART RULES! BE HAPPY!

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